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Will and Gaw are mine.  Jamie belongs to Sirius_Girl and the world belongs to JK Rowling

It’s the Christmas Holidays and everyone seems to be at Briarwood.  There was a time, William can remember, when “everyone” meant his family and Gawain’s family.  Now everyone seems to mean at least half the county.   The Lupin’s, of course, to visit with Vulkie and Dermot, and Jamie’s parents, who seem to be back together but who can really tell and Old Mr. Bright who had started coming for holydays after William’s first year at school.   All and all, William enjoys the fact that his family has gone from the small group that live on the farm year round to a large band of closely associated people,  some of whom are quite famous (or infamous depending on who you ask).  The constant coming and goings of his extended family keeps the focus off of him.  People stop treating him like a china doll likely to brake and start treating him like a normal sixteen year old boy.  At least most years.

 William sighs and opens his bedroom window.   He slips on a cloak and steps out on the balcony that over looks the back lawn.  Over the wide hillside that leads down to the maze, his friends and family are playing a friendly game of qudditch.  William has been banned from all excitement for the day by his parents.  After a particularly bad seizer earlier in the day, his mother had sent him back to bed with the promise that if he didn’t rest he would not be allowed along on the trip to Diagon alley the next day.  If he couldn’t shop he would have no gifts to give at all.  He had promised something special to Gawain and William found disappointing his boyfriend was, quite possibly, the worst feeling in the world.  

 William sighs again, this time with pleasure, as Gawain hits a bludger.  He is protecting Jamie, and Jamie smiles at Gaw before flying off on his way.  Jealousy blossoms in William.  No other man should ever smile Gawain.  It doesn’t matter that Jamie could never find Gaw attractive, at least not that way.  It takes a few moments before William can control his feelings.  Everything seems so raw after a seizure, his emotions so out of control.   Now Gawain is protecting his father.  William leans his back against the wall and allows himself the pleasure of watching Gawain.  The moments of jealousy have heightened William’s awareness of Gawain’s physical attributes.   Always almost irresistibly attractive to William, Gawain is now so beautiful as to be painful. 

 Watching Gawain play can be a dangerous thing for William; it’s only a few seconds before he feels a bulge between his legs.  William reaches down and caresses his cock as he watches his boyfriend sail around the sky.  His mind is full of memories of quick intense shags under the qudditch stands after games, of Gawain’s strong arms and the scent of his sweat.   All William wants is to have his lovers arms wrapped around him, fantasies and reality blend as William focuses on Gawain.  He unzips his trousers to ease the pressure a bit.  Suddenly William realizes that Gawain is flying toward him.  Not just Gaw but also Teg and Jamie.   Pulling his cloak around him he steps back inside.  The three land on the balcony and are soon jostling each other as they step into the room; Teg holding a sprig of mistletoe over Gawain’s head.

 “Kiss the game hero!” Teg crows happily to her brother.

 “Teg, you may not want-"  Gawain starts, knowing exactly how William is feeling.

 “Nonsense! I’m over all of that.  You think I can’t see my dear brother kissing another man after all this time?”

 “It’s not-“ William’s lips smother whatever Gawain was about to say.  He wraps one side of the cloak around Gaw to hide William’s exposed cock, while allowing Gawain a full view.  “So you watched the game,” Gawain murmurs when William allows him to draw breath.

 “Yes…”  Will whispers before kissing his lover deeply again, pressing his full body against the other young man as if any separation between them could be deadly.  With the tiny part of his mind that isn’t completely focused on his lover Will hears Jamie and Teg retreat through the door that adjoins the two rooms.  “Alone,” he whispers pulling Gawain to the bed.

 “Yes,” his lover replies.

 “I want…”  William starts but brakes off with a moan as Gawain settles over him, running his tongue over his cock, “not that… fuck.”

 Gaw sits up, “We don’t have time.  If you don’t eat supper your mother will never let you come to Diagon Alley.”

 William nods as Gawain settles back down over him.  It is true; Fay would never let his go tomorrow if she had any doubts about her son’s health.  And it’s not too bad, after all Gawain is quite talented with his tongue.  Will moans again and twines his fingers in Gawain’s hair, forcing his lover’s mouth down over his entire shaft.  He gives himself over to the feeling of Gawain, of flicking tongue and gentle suction.   His back arches and he calls out Gawain’s name as white hot pleasure fills him.  For a split second he is blind and deaf to anything but Gawain.  Gawain is the universe.  And then slowly the world reappears.  Now Gawain is only half the universe.  William turns onto his side and lifts an arm, silently begging Gawain to curl against him.  The two young drift off to a happy sleep tangled in each others arms.

 Jamie slips through the door and covers his two friends with a blanket gently.  Teg smiles at her love and then tussles William’s hair affectionately, “We will tell her the two of you are resting,” she whispers, “I’ll bring you supper back.”

 As the door closes behind Jamie and Teg, William sighs happily and pulls his lover closer.  Gawain is still half of the universe, and all of William’s world.      



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Dec. 5th, 2004 04:40 pm (UTC)
This is good....I'm sorry you weren't going for fluff, but like you said, they get fluffy all on their own...;)

Are you going to continue it?
Dec. 5th, 2004 05:32 pm (UTC)
Re: :-)
I don't know. I seem to have all these little peices of Will and Gaw and they never seem to go anywhere... sigh
Dec. 5th, 2004 07:33 pm (UTC)
Re: :-)
Soo...put them all together!
Dec. 6th, 2004 04:16 am (UTC)
Re: :-)
except that they run from 15 to 30 in age
Dec. 9th, 2004 07:08 pm (UTC)
Re: :-)
I did add somthing. Not much but something.
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