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  When i was very small a Singer song wirter who my parents were very fond of met them at a concert. She liked me (from what i understand and even held me.  Her name is Buffy Saint-Marie.  She later won an oscar for the song "Up Where We Belong" for you traditional type country fans she also worte "Piny Wood Hills" 

So when things suck sometimes her stuff comes out.  
Sun is up
Day is on
Look for me 
I'll be gone 
Cause today's the day
I'm gonna see him again

He's an Indain cowboy  in the rodeo 
and I'm just another little girl 
who loves him so
He's an Indaian cowboy in the rodeo 
and I'm just another little gilr 
who loves him so

Once he stopped 
and talked to me
I found out 
how dreams can be
with a big wide smaile 
and a big white hat

Anyway one that reminds me of Jared - and isn't totlay politcal