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well I'm suposed to be making a dragon Icon for some one.  And writing on my FqF story.  But insted I did this

it is Teg as 'Lola' from the Kinks song "Destroyer" (NOT Lola from "Lola" she IS a girl after all) anyway she's looking at her boyfriend thinking "There's really something wrong with you.  One day you're gonna self destruct. You're up, you're down, I can't work you out." 

 No Base (although this time I saved her as a base) and I couldn't come up with what she was sitting on so that's why the background is the way it is.

Ah well at least I have SOME muse left.  I guess I'm pritty proud of her I've posted her everywhere!  LOL.

I'm sick again... I guess I shoudl chalk it up to all the stress I've been under...