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5 more questions

this time from thewhiteroad

1) What is your ultimate guilty pleasure movie?
well when I'm sick or feeling down I've been watching House of Wax or Cry_wolf... but honistly the movie that I'll watch anytime or anywhere is Impromtue  about George Sands and Chopin (adn I don't own a copy) also Ledgend
2) What is your biggest pet peeve, guaranteed to get your blood boiling, whether it be something small (like people with loud cell phone ringers, etc.) or something big (like racism, etc.)? Stupid people.  And peoplpe who don't relaize ther gifts they are given.  (Mind you I don't know that I recognise the gifts that I'm given)
3) What did you want to be, occupation-wise, when you were 18? Horse traner
4) To steal one of yours, if you could live anywhere, where would it be? SanDeago
5) What is your least favorite project Jared has done?
OK this one was almost imposable for me to answere... Mind you I haven't seen Ring of endless light or a little inside (but Ring won a Genisus awared) so I'll give you two ansers here House of Wax - first off it's not very good.  Sceond off HE'S not very good.  It's got to be one of his worst perfomances and he seems - unhappy, like he went into it thinking it woudl be fun and it wasn't.  It's a tie with New York Min - and that's odd because I enjoyed this movie (and i enjoyed him in it) and he chucked a dog out a window.