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Well life as normal... last night I had a dreem that I was locked in a mall with David T. and Gary Oldman there was much discussion about pillow sizes. 

I should be typing a report for Tony right now but I'm not.  I have (yet another) headache and should take something before I start trying to concentrate.  I also bought a huge bottle of gateraid. 

We got rid of our two extra Rams today.  They will be living not all that far from here, just outside of Delawere City.  That leaves us without anything to kill to eat.  Ah well.  We seperated out 4 more cockerals to kill tomorow to put in the freezer. 

I still need to work out my comp time... I should start with that I guss.  I'll go get my calendar and my "work" disk now and work on that.  One thing at a time... sigh*