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Well when ever I hear "lay it on me" or "What I learned out on the road" by kid rock I think of Sam Wincester in bed.  I guess that means I think he has the more agressive style when actuly in bed.  Dean seems pritty sensitive to his partners wants/needs (well fora one night stand kinda guy) and Sam just strikes me as the tie me up tie me down boy.  He may not SAY 'I'd rather to f*^k to fog hat" or "from hells bells through the next nine songs" or even "lay it on me" Or "all the late nights and early mornings, let me show you what I learend out on the road" but he's thinking it loudly.  

I did start a fic with Kate stripping to "lay it on me" and he thingks "that's the song she strips for me to" I shoudl finsih some thign one of these days.