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Fairy bridgrooms and dreams

OK - I don't sleep much...or I shoudl say I have a broken sleep pattern - so I don't REM much.  When I do I genraly Nightmare (probalby where the whole broken sleep pattern comes from) I seem to have gotten this from my Father (along withthe ablilty to drane a watch batterty in 2 months and my crappy teeth) 

Oddly enough I've had one constant visiter in my dreams now for over a year.  That and my dreems have been pritty dull.  

Anyway a few days ago - it was Fairy Bridgroom (like the stories Tam Lin or Thomas the Rymer) and "the boy" wasn't "the Boy" he was Dean F. from Gilmore Girls.  Posabley the least likely chericter I woudl steal if I was the queen of Fariy.  So it got tme thinking, of his chericters who woudl I steal? 

Sam W. (Supernatrual)- I could take him ot fairy and teach him how to use his abilitys without the head splitting headaches.

Tom (cry_wolf) - he would probalby gain the most from the whole fairy bridgroom thing - they normaly come back as kick ass politicions and judges.  He's already on that track - so what the heck right?

John (flight of the phinox) - just cause I didn't want him to die - we have the same door mattishness here that we have with Dean F.

Dean F. (Gilmore Girls) handy to have around.  and him comming back as the worlds greatest poet (or novilist) would really suprise everyone in Stars Hollow - and both Rory and Jess woudl probalby be green.

Wade - at least he had a nice car.  


Mar. 11th, 2007 07:32 am (UTC)
Alas wades wheels rock my little world, not to mention he could of rocked my little world but thats a dirty story for the R rated crowds at the local porno theaters.

John his downfall was peeing i maintain if he held it until dawn he would of lived or atleast survived until his blatter attached at another inopportune time.

Dean a poet i would be suprised but he'd get a lot more action from the hippie chicks that hang at the coffee houses.

Tom made me glad i never dated anyone from a team in my high school career, probably because tom carried a disease that required a cream and that he was probaby not the brightest crayon in the multicolor box.

Sams abilities could be used to my glorious advantage think if he could see my impending doom i could avoid it at all cost. It wouldn't hurt to have the hunk around dropping to his knees, sweating, with a utterly lost painful look and saying "You're going to die with the candlestick in the library" to which i would avoid all librarys and not own a candlestick take that.

Hahah comedy at its finest at 3 am

Mar. 11th, 2007 06:00 pm (UTC)
Wade's car rocked my world too (almost enough to forgive him for his idiocy) Wade's death must have caused much sororw in the trailer park they all came from.

John was so not a boyscout (or he woudl have known not to go out into the deasert by him self) I think his real downfall may have been him irritating the directior with his giggle/laugh.

When I'm done wrtting this story I may have to change it so it's not Dean - cause seiroously WTF. I'll send it to you the way it is first.

Tom *sigh*. I would have crushed on Tom, I would have dated Randel. Actuly I knew a lot of Tom's when I was little and lived in DC - abandoned political kids. Plus he was a wonderful interpritation of a particulalr Fariy Tale chericter... never exactly tells the truth but never says anything that is untrue either.

Sam... well Sam. Yeah. Realy nothing to say there other than "anyway, anytime"