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Ok first off – I’m getting the worst phone reception. 


Second off – it’s cold. 


Third – Supernatural:


Have to start off with Jared was beautiful last night.  I always think he’s beautiful but last night REALLY nice – and we got 15 min without him looking like he had not combed his hair ever.  He seems to still be favoring the hand, he seemed a little clumsy with it.  But that is ok it’s his first show without it in a while. 


OK so it was good to see ‘baby prince’ Sam stomp his foot and pitch a pout fest and STILL not get his way.  I understand he was trying to keep that guy from being hurt, but still.  OK I love Bitchy Spoiled Sammy.


Note to self – you need to write a fic where Sam tries to get his way with Kate that way (I can hear her now ‘Make your own god damned dinner then Sam!”)


Sammy went to Ninja School! 


And Sammy saved the day with his super ninja powers (by stealing the clothes) like to point out that Sammy STEALS.  On day I’m gonna sit down and do a marathon of Supernatural and count how many times each of them steal things or break into things. 


Does anyone else think Sam may have gotten into deep shit as a lawyer by saying the following in court “My client couldn’t have done that, I tried to break into that building and I totally failed.  I’m taller and have WAY more experience as a thief then he does”


Note to self – this need to be written too (I can hear Kate “Sam what made you think that saying that was a good idea?”)



I know there is more – but I can’t think of it now.


Forth – weirdness


OK so a few weeks ago (well maybe it was last week?)  I had this dream that was sort of Gilmore Girls meets Steven King.  Anyway, I started writing it, I have a little outline and everything, and I’ve been calling my main male character ‘David’.  Now let me say this is a name I try to stay away from – it was one of the characters in my first (unfinished novel) and I rather like David from the Bible and doubt I could ever have a character who is as complex as David.  He is the son of a minister. 


OK so last night I have this dream and I’m going along in it and there is this man sitting on a chair looking completely unhappy. I ask the person I’m talking to “who is that” and she replies “That is Tristan.  You are writing about him.” I say “why is he so upset?” and the answer is “Because you are calling him David”


That’s when I woke up.  Should I change his name?  Why would a minister name a kid Tristan?  Maybe his parents are opera fans… maybe his name is David and they call him Tristan.  I spent all day thinking about it and almost all of the children of ministers have a real name and then the name they are called (my real name is Elizabeth and I am called Bodge – I can think of at least 4 examples of this from my life)


Anyway I think it is weird that he would be so upset about being called David. It’s a nice name.