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day 2 of pain flair from hell.  

sitting here is dificult and i've been doing it for an hour now... bed soon. 

watched session 9 last night.  I liked it - it's sort of a showcase for the hospital - kinda like the school was a chericter in Cry_Wolf. 

Last night i had 2 dreams - one that one of my chericters was in the senit and got shot by some one barging into the capitol adn shooting him.  

Then I dreeme dI went to someones house and stoll and Elfquest comic...


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Jan. 10th, 2007 04:55 am (UTC)
Sorry to hear (read?) that you aren't feeling well...hope it improves soon, my thoughts are with you!

On a less important/serious note, glad that you liked Session 9. I've had mixed reactions of people I've watched it with, they either seemed to think it was awesome or hated it intensely, heh, and I was hoping that you'd lean at least slightly more towards the former than the latter. I hate reccing movies for folks and then them being disappointed, I always feel bad, lol. So, happy you enjoyed it! And def. agree about the showcase of the setting and atmosphere, it was nicely done.
Jan. 10th, 2007 12:43 pm (UTC)
It'll get better - Or I'll get new meds more injections and more PT...

Yeah I liked Session 9 - but like Cry_Wolf it really felt like a peice that was simply to showcase the set. I wish some of the background of the chericters had been explained - like Why the Hell Michal woudl be listing to those tapes? Then he may have been a more viable red harring (I asume he was suposed to be a red harring) It was, in some ways, a lot like Cry_wolf but without all the prittys... and, of course, with out all the Fairy Tale stuff that never quite hit anyone. Both movies coudl have done with soem re-writing, but both teams are very (at the time of the movies) early in their carears. I woudl like ot see more from both writers.
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