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well I had planed to type up some Meta today...

But when I got home I coudl bearly walk so I won't be. 

I beleve I will be going to bed soon (yeah it's 7:30) I think I will be taking a fuck load of percocet first... and that means I'll be up all night wanting to rearange my room.  They make me hyper.  

OK so lets say this - We aren't gettign the secrite on Thursday what we are gettign is Dean's interpritation of John's interpritation of the secrit.  And that's way differnt... I love Dean and I love John but as comunicators of information - not so much. 

Oh on that note I realised today that I am mourning John.  It says a lot about the writing and the acting on htis show that I woudl be mouring a guy with so little screen time this long.  

Also I wonder if Sam is going to get over his aversion to dead bodyes or if it will become an issure?